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Python wrapper for the following undocumented APIs:

Frinkiac, Morbotron, Master Of All Science, Capital Beat Us and Good God Lemon


I’ll be keeping the wrapper up to date as more APIs are released.

Allows for both random and searchable screencaps, images and gifs embedded with default or custom captions for the following shows:

The Simpsons, Futurama, Rick and Morty, West Wing and 30 Rock.



To install the library, you can just run the following command:

python3 -m pip install -U compuglobal

Basic Usage

import compuglobal

simpsons = compuglobal.Frinkiac()

# Random
screencap = simpsons.get_random_screencap()

# Search
screencap = simpsons.search_for_screencap('nothing at all')

# Images/Gifs
image = screencap.get_meme_url()
gif = screencap.get_gif_url()

For documented examples, check here.

Async Usage

import asyncio

import compuglobal

async def main():
    simpsons = compuglobal.Frinkiac()

    # Random
    screencap = await simpsons.get_random_screencap()

    # Search
    screencap = await simpsons.search_for_screencap('nothing at all')

    # Images/Gifs
    image = screencap.get_meme_url()
    gif = await screencap.get_gif_url()

if __name__ == '__main__':
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

What’s New

0.2.7 - Breaking changes

These changes are intended to provide more flexibility in the formatting of captions:

  • Added format_caption() method to CompuGlobalAPI objects. This replaces the formatting logic previously within the encode_caption() method. The encode_caption() method now only takes a caption parameter.

  • Captions will no longer be formatted and shortened before generation of memes, gifs, and mp4 urls if a caption is given. Behaviour remains the same if no caption is given or if format_caption() is used on the caption beforehand.

0.2.1 - Breaking Changes

  • Added Frame object: search(), get_frames() and get_nearby_frames() now all return a list of Frame objects instead of the json response.


    search_results ='stupid sexy flanders')
    top_result = search_results[0]
    screencap = simpsons.get_screencap(top_result['Episode'],


    search_results ='stupid sexy flanders')
    top_result = search_results[0]
    screencap = simpsons.get_screencap(top_result.key,



Creators and contributors of Frinkiac, Morbotron, Master of All Science, Good God Lemon and Capital Beat Us:

BLUEamnesiac for the Internet King Popup Banner

Named CompuGlobal as shorthand for CompuGlobalHyperMegaCap, as the family of websites are named.